Logo Design Christchurch

XDC is the specialist in Logo Design based in Rolleston, Ashburton and Christchurch NZ.

This is our forté! First of all we create your company a highly original, memorable, creative or bespoke logo design for all your marketing collateral, website, social media, printing and signs.

Furthermore our logo design will target your market while making your company memorable to your prospects.

The logo design or your visual emblem of your company is the most essential item in your marketing arsenal.

Because your logo design is first and foremost the only place to start in any campaign (big or small). Even if it is an upgrade or modernisation.

The foundation of any print or website campaign is a succinct high quality design that has a concept and class plus a certain amount of character and spunk, aka the brand. Something that leaves a lasting impression on you by way of concept, colour, shape, design, message or all of the above. In addition, we create quality advertising messages that work with your great new logo design so that your brand will be remembered.

Is your logo old and tired? Now’s the time for a brand refresh that won’t break the bank.

Re-branding gives you the opportunity to re-market, reconnect and re-stimulate your market.

Think of a business without branding, is like someone without a personality. Customers just don’t remember your company.

How much business are you loosing where potential customers move on to your competitors?

Presentation is everything and your logo design is the key!

Your logo should be an extremely special, highly condensed corporate information identifier. They make or break your business in terms of the image, presentation, trust and professionalism portrayed. Design to capture the mind’s eye of your target market.

So who do you know that their logo sucks, or is yours simply a plain old word?

I want to help your business’s branding and marketing work harder for your company.

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