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XDC is a Christchurch website SEO company based in Rolleston.

We craft effective Website SEO and keywords that design MORE business for clients all over New Zealand.


Getting Top Rankings for your website in Google.


Fast Track Your Google Rankings.

Once we’ve finished building you an attractive and fully-functioning website. The next step might be to consider using Advanced Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Advanced Website SEO is a method of promoting your website to Google. Google decides whether your website is the most relevant one for searchers looking for your particular Keywords or Search Terms.

In purely commercial terms, top rankings mean you’ll get the maximum number of site visits. That adds up to more enquiries and of course sales opportunities ahead of your competitors.

It also ensures you get the fastest return on investment from your new website.

Example: You might want to expand the reach of your business outside of Rolleston by capturing searchers from across Canterbury, including Christchurch, Mid-Canterbury, Darfield, Lincoln, Southbridge, Dunsandel etc.


Using Advanced Website SEO Services.

Advanced Website SEO is a complex process that most web designers and developers like ourselves don’t usually provide. However we do and have had great success for clients in this area for some time.

And of course, the process is extremely cost-effective, usually paying for itself in a matter of months through increased web traffic, enquiries and profitable sales.

Note: We’d be happy to supply samples of the results they’ve had for their clients and arrange a quotation for you if you’d like to use their services.


Key facts from recent’s survey. 

The following is a brief summary of research showing the effects of search traffic volume based on the top fifteen positions in Google.

• The first 3 positions on Page 1 get 61.5% of all searches between them

• 91.7% of all Google searches are completed on page one

Search volume for the top 15 positions in Google…

Google Ranking Position / Percentage of clicks and searches

  • Page 1 – Position 1 / 32.5%
  • Page 1 – Position 2 / 17.6%
  • Page 1 – Position 3 / 11.4%
  • Page 1 – Position 4 / 8.1%
  • Page 1 – Position 5 / 6.1%
  • Page 1 – Position 6 / 4.4%
  • Page 1 – Position 7 / 3.5%
  • Page 1 – Position 8 / 3.1%
  • Page 1 – Position 9 / 2.6%
  • Page 1 – Position 10 / 2.4%
  • Page 2 – Position 1 / 1.0%
  • Page 2 – Position 2 / 0.8%
  • Page 2 – Position 3 / 0.7%
  • Page 2 – Position 4 / 0.6%
  • Page 2 – Position 5 / 0.4%

As you can see above, getting your site to top rankings in Google is an essential part of generating the maximum number of site visits and enquiries to your website.


Explanation of Advanced Website SEO.

Advanced SEO is a method of promoting your website’s information to Google in such a way that it decides your website is the most relevant one for searchers looking for your particular Keywords or Search Terms.

And of course the ultimate result would be to have your website appearing on page one in Google against hundreds or even thousands of similar websites

In other words, in purely commercial terms, a page one ranking means you get the maximum number of site visits, enquiries and of course sales opportunities.

This is a highly specialised service and one that is rarely offered by the majority of web designers like ourselves, so do think about taking advantage of our one-off Advanced SEO package followed by our monthly SEO Booster package while it’s available.

Depending on how big your website is, our Advanced Website SEO Kick Starter Package range from $1950+GST and really do work!

This is a once only fee and really does kick start the promotion of your website, get’s it moving in the right direction, plus benefits your website for it’s entire lifetime. On top of that, highly recommended to consistently rank higher, is combine that with our Advanced Website SEO Monthly Booster Package at only $150+GST per month to really take advantage of ongoing SEO that Google absolutely loves and ranks your website even higher! This tries to boost your SEO rankings or at least maintains your position. So if you are position one, this service tries to keep you there.


Creative website SEO solutions will work for your site.

Here at XDC we’ve spent many years showing clients dozens of exciting ways to increase sales via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We have been using SEO to quickly and easily improve many business’s results. In addition to a great website, carefully crafted website SEO is very powerful. Furthermore businesses as a result of using SEO can increase sales and boost profits. Let XDC create an effective competitive advantage as much as we can for your company. We love helping our clients grow!


Want to talk to a professional SEO consultant, one-on-one here in Christchurch

SEO is essential for every website to receive traffic via search engines like Google. Consequently changing website content within your site is imperative. Targeted titling of pages, linking back, strategically naming content & using alt tags organically improves traffic volume for targeted keywords. Experience taking your website higher.


So are you wanting to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website?

Are you a business owner looking for Web site SEO Services in Christchurch or Selwyn, Canterbury, New Zealand maybe even Australia. Seems like XDC offers advanced levels of customer services. You could profit from SEO. The number one internet marketing tool to grow website traffic.


Want a SEO expertise and knowledge?

Many sites have a huge opportunity for improving the results with targeted SEO due to using especially relevant keywords. Consequently we understand that it’s about generating tangible increases rankings and an increased flow of targeted web traffic. Website SEO is where we thrive and also we’ve achieved great success for many clients.

Each major search engine uses a different algorithm to look at components of your website. Furthermore, document titles, meta tags, URL keywords, headings, text, number of pages and most of all external links are more important than you think. We know the in’s and out’s of this ‘dark art’ to help you get more business from your website SEO.


Eager to stay ahead of the competition due to targeted and effective Advanced SEO strategies?

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