The Best Driveway Ramp – Kerby

The Best Driveway Ramp that’s super-strong, simple & effective – Meet Kerby.

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The Best Driveway Ramp (Kerby) is the best way to stop your wheels going out of alignment!

The Best Driveway Ramp (Kerby) is a simple and effective solution to the problem of the deep or shallow gutters in new subdivisions, the ramp bolts into the gutter and lets the water flow underneath.

The Best Access Ramp is the solution!

Have you had enough of the “bump” every time you go in or out of your driveway? The Best Driveway Ramp (Kerby) an Aluminium ramp that bolts into the gutter with 10mm galvanised dyna bolts to provide a smooth transition over the gutter, no more bumping, no more grinding the front off you and your friends cars or bouncing the trailer over the curb. The Best Driveway Ramp (Kerby) is superior to tread-plate folded ramps that just rust and bend. Kerby, The Best Driveway Ramps come in 3.0 meter lengths and are priced at only $250+GST each. We have spoken to the Selwyn Council regarding the ramps and they have no issues as long as it doesn’t prevent them performing maintenance on the gutter as in covering a manhole or drain. The price does not include installation as this can be done in many ways and is a bit of a variable depending where you live. Pick up or view is in Rolleston.

Contact Clint on or txt/ring 021 1144014 for more information.

Car bottoming out?

These heavy duty Aluminium driveway ramps, gutter ramps, curb ramps or kerb ramps or whatever you want to call them are designed to solve many problems, like eliminating ‘the bump’ as you drive in and out, stopping trailer noise, and saving your expensive wheel alignment, in turn saving your tyres.
Council compliant but you need to double-check with the developer of your subdivision as there may be covenants etc.

Contact Clint on or txt/ring 021 1144014 for more information.