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XDC is a Christchurch website marketing company based in Rolleston.

We craft website marketing that generates more business faster for clients all over New Zealand.


Creative website marketing solutions will work for your site.

Here at XDC we’ve spent many years showing clients dozens of exciting ways to increase sales and generate more business faster using combinations of online and offline marketing. Over time we have been using the most relevant website marketing to quickly and easily improve many business’s results. As a result we have derived an effective formula that’s especially relevant. But in addition to a great website, carefully crafted website SEO is very powerful too. Therefore businesses as a result of using website marketing and SEO can increase sales and boost profits as a result of even the most basic attempt. Let XDC create an effective competitive advantage as much as we can for your company. We love helping our clients grow!


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SEO and web marketing is essential for every website to receive traffic via search engines like Google. Consequently changing website content within your site is imperative. Targeted titling of pages, linking back, strategically naming content & using alt tags organically improves traffic volume for targeted keywords. Experience taking your website higher.


Increase the number of targeted visitors to your website.

Are you a business owner looking for SEO Services in Christchurch or Selwyn, Canterbury, New Zealand maybe even Australia. Seems like XDC offers advanced levels of customer services. You could profit from SEO. The number one internet marketing tool to grow website traffic.


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Many sites have a huge opportunity for improving the results with targeted SEO due to using especially relevant keywords. Consequently we understand that it’s about generating tangible increases rankings and an increased flow of targeted web traffic. SEO is where we thrive and also we’ve achieved great success for many clients.

Each major search engine uses a different algorithm to look at components of your website. Document titles, meta tags, URL keywords, headings, text, number of pages and most of all external links. We know the in’s and out’s to help you get more business.


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